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Real Grown Up Furniture

We did it! We made our first purchase of real new furniture! It’s not a hand-me-over, garage sale find, or some bargain we bought to get by. It’s a real couch!  We got a magnificent deal on it at Slumberland.  It fits just perfect and is very comfortable.  It is micro-suade also, which we hope will hold up to you-know-who.

I swear she sat there on her own.

Before we had the comfy, functional, sloppy futon and the starting to wear out Ikea leather loveseat.  Both have made their way upstairs and still get some use.


Bianca really needed a new napping spot.

B shows where she wants the couch to go.

The new couch is really comfy and gets Bianca’s stamp of approval!

Bianca is excited for a new napping spot!

So far Bianca is pleased and so are we!

Our Grown Up Furniture

I got even got some new pillows from Target to celebrate!  They were a steal at only $10 each so I didn’t feel too guilty!

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