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Little Yard, Big Ugly

We live in a nice townhouse in a nice neighborhood in a nice town.  It is quite great.  The only thing that we dislike about our home is the outdoor spaces.  We are not the couple that should have a miniature lawn in a big development.  We dream of owning a large wooded acreage with woods, party patio, lots of flowers and plants and of course an unnecessarily large workshop.  We aren’t there yet so we will make do.  There are some positives to our patio and yard:

  • We have room for a grill and to sit and read a book.
  • The yard is big enough for our Boston Terrier, Bianca, to take care of business.
  • We can plant some flowers in containers.
  • And the big one- they mow the lawn and scoop the snow! Yay!

Seriously, in the winter, having someone else take care of the snow is a-maz-ing!  In the summers, we can be gone all weekend and not worry that the grass looks like crap.  It is pretty convenient.  Just when I think living in a Home Owners Association (HOA) is great, this happens…


The HOA powers-that-be sent us a letter informing us that our precious doggie Bianca had done “damage to private property”!!!!  All she did was pee in our yard!  She didn’t mean to kill all the little spots of grass.  The letter told us that we had a week to fix it or they would do it and charge us what we were sure would be a ridiculous fee.  Booo….

The Culprit

It was a tough spring on everyone’s yards but I have to admit, ours looked pretty rough.

Ugly Brown Spots

Planting grass?  We had no idea what we were doing so we did some googling and checked with our doggie-owner friends.

We bought some of this…

Look Out for the Patch Master

The man took it from there.  First, he dug out the ugly spots.  He was careful to remove the roots and everything.  Then, he filled in some of the deeper holes with potting soil.  After that, he patted some of the Patch Master in the spots.  Now I know there were several spots throughout the yard, but he used the entire bag.  That bag that was meant to cover hundreds of square feet.  That seems like an awful lot .  I am not sure if that is right.

Demonstrating Interesting Grass Planting Technique

My man was not pleased that he had to spend time doing this and was looking for short cuts.  This is where things got messy.  The nasty gram had said that we should put up stakes and ribbon to mark off the areas we repaired so the landscapers wouldn’t mow there.  My man took a unique approach…

He cut up a bunch of dowels and stuck them all around the yard by the many small spots.  It was like a field of white sticks!  It was embarrassing.  There was no way to tie a string or ribbon around and block off all the areas.  The entire lawn was filled!  Ha!  I wish I had a picture so bad!

I shouldn’t poke fun at him because he diligently watered the lawn every morning and made sure the irrigation came on every night.  Look at what happened…

Baby Grass Growing!

It worked!  We still have some blobs of the newspaper mixture floating around on our lawn.  For the most part though, the patches are growing like crazy!  Take that HOA!

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