Thrifty Green Lamps

I was garage sale-ing a few weekends ago and man did I luck out!  After an eternity without lamps in our bedroom, these beauties appeared.

Garage Sale Gold

The seller lady gave me a deal.  Huh, guess she didn’t see the potential!

A Bargain at $5/ pair

I knew that with a little work, I would have something pretty great.  So I sent Tom to get spray paint.  I asked for a green that was similar to our kitchen.  He came home with “Green Apple”.  Neither of us could tell if we were going to love it or hate it.  We took a chance….

This is our first spray painting project and really had no idea how hard picking out paint was or if this whole thing was going to work.  The BIN primer and spray gun thing-ma-jig worked like a charm.

Magic Makers

First, I sanded the lamp to de-gloss it a bit.

150 Grit Sandpaper to Remove the Shine

After a little wash up, I taped up the un-paintable parts of the lamp and covered everything near my painting zone.  I knew that me spray painting was likely to get out of hand.

Prepped and Ready to Paint

I did 2-3 very light coats of the BIN primer first and only had one woopsie!  A slight drip in the paint appeared out of no-where.  I didn’t let it stop me.  I was hooked on spray painting.

Eeek! A drip!

I did about 4-5 light coats of the green paint, waiting about 10-20 minutes between each.  I then let them sit over night.  Once in the daylight again, I caught a couple of places I had missed.  So I just sprayed some more and they turned out pretty great!

I picked up a couple of simple lamp shades at Walmart fo $11 each.  I figured I would sass them up a bit eventually any way.  That brings the total cost of the 2 lamps to about $35 with paint.

Ta-da! A very bright green lamp!

They are functional, but I am already thinking about the next project with them.  (Shhh… don’t tell Tom)  We learned a couple important lessons along the way:

1)  Make sure the lamps work before spending a lot of time on them.  After we got ours painted and set up in the bedroom, it was very sad to discover one of them didn’t turn on.  Luckily, only a couple of choice words came out of my mouth, mostly because I was pretty tired at that point.  My awesome boyfriend bought a re-wiring kit and fixed the non-working lamp right up.  He’s so sweet.

2)  The cheap Walmart lamp shades look like cheap Walmart lamp shades.  They have endless potential though…

3)  The finish of the paint would have been much smoother if I waited overnight and sanded in between them.  That would have taken a lot of patience and I am not sure if it was worth it in this case.  We practically had a lamp emergency!

4)  I should finish it with a  coat with some sort of clear gloss paint at the end.  Then, I could have that high-end shiny look.  Oooo….  that could be cool.

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Hello world!

Tom and I have been talking about this for long enough!  The time has come to start our blog!  Here we go…

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